pka 300 Attila Paládi-Kovács
  honored research professor emeritus,
Department of Historical Ethnography
Office: B.8.37
Office phone: +36-1-224-67-00/134
Academic degree: Full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2010
Research areas, keywords: history of material culture (agrotechnology, animal husbandry, transportation), social structure, social stratification (gentry and labor culture, history of populism, ethnicity and identity, ethnic processes), theories and methods (ethnographic cartography and regional research, history of research) in Hungary and Central Europe.
Place and date of birth:  Ózd, September 14, 1940
 Publications:  Attila Paládi Kovács’s works in the Library of Hungarian Scientific Works (Magyar Tudományos Művek Tára, MTMT)
 Curriculum Vitae in English