► Locality Embedded in the Web of Global Transitions. Ecological anthropology mediating between local communities and global changes in the Carpathian Basin

► Folk belief, vernacular religion, mentality in the 16th–21st centuries. Digital databases, encyclopedic summaries

► The social embeddedness of the public catering of children. Issues and opportunities

► Regulyversum – Publishing the legacy of Antal Reguly

► Organizing, processing, and publishing the research legacy of Éva Schmidt

► Cultural Exchange and Mutual Learning between Countries along the Silk Road (China and Hungary)

► Modern Mongolian Cultural and Social Changes: Characteristics and Lessons. Tradition, Heritage, and Modernization

► Heritagization and secularization in China (1949 to present)

► Economy and ethnicity. Agricultural associations as factors of social and economic resilience in Swabian villages in Satu Mare Region from the regime change to the present

► Károly Tagányi’s (1856-1924) programme on collecting living legal customs and the significance of his legacy in the history of science

► Collecting folk poetry as a social phenomenon: The roles of Mihály Kiss, one of the prominent collectors of Wild Roses, and the socio-historical context of his work