Library of the Institute of Ethnology at the HUN-REN Research Centre for the Humanities

The collection of the library of the Institute of Ethnology includes Hungarian and foreign books and journals, offprints and maps published in the field of ethnology and its subfields (ethnography, folklore studies, cultural and social anthropology). In addition, publications concerning ethnology in related and auxiliary disciplines, especially literary studies, linguistics, cultural history, art history, geography, sociology, archeology, history, oriental studies, religious studies and musicology.

Holdings: 34,500 volumes of books, 6,365 journals, 1,800 other publications.


  • on-site reading
  • borrowing (only for Institute staff)
  • interlibrary loans
  • copying

Librarians: Ildikó Breinerné Varga ( and Andrea Bernadett Sárközi ( 

Online catalogue:
The computer database contains material acquisitioned since 1992. Uploading is continuous. To access the online catalogue, click here. 


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Monday: 10–15
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Friday: 10–15


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