szakal a 300 Anna Szakál
 premium postdoctoral fellow 
Department of Folklore Studies
Office: B.8.28.
Office phone: +36(1)224-6700/4213
E-mail: s
Languages: English, German, Romanian
Academic degree: PhD
Research areas, keywords:

the beginnings of Transylvanian folk poetry collection, the initial idea of collecting folk poetry, the socio-cultural background of the collectors, and the intellectual network behind it all:

  • the role of Protestant colleges in Transylvania
  • the microworld of Transylvanian Unitarian pastors and teachers in the mid-19th century
  • archives, legacies
Place and date of birth: Budapest, May 24, 1982
 Publications: Anna Szakál’s works in the Library of Hungarian Scientific Works (Magyar Tudományos Művek Tára, MTMT)


Curriculum Vitae in English