santha v2 István Sántha
senior research fellow,
Department of Non-European Studies
Office: B.8.38
Office phone: +36-1-224-6700 ext. 4261
Mobile phone::  
Languages: English, Russian, Buryat, Evenki
Academic degree: PhD (Mongolian lingustics, 2004)
Research areas, keywords: socio-anthropological research of the peoples of southern and eastern Siberia (Evenki, Buryat, Tofa, Kyrgyz), taiga and grassland contact zone, local shamanistic practices, cultural contacts, communication strategies of egalitarian and hierarchical societies, cybernetic theory of Gregory Bateson
Place and date of birth: Szombathely, February 28, 1968
Egyéb elérhetőségek Facebook: santhasafonova
Publications: István Sántha's works in the Library of Hungarian Scientific Works (Magyar Tudományos Művek Tára),
 Curriculum Vitae